Herbguy's Honey House #3990 County RD 36, Buckhorn, ON. K0L 1J0 Municipality of Trent Lakes (Between Buckhorn and Burleigh Falls) | 705-657-9971

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  • Bottom Boards


    Made from reclaimed cedar or pine

  • Inner Cover


    Pine, includes elevated sides/feeder hole

  • Lids


    3/4 Pine, metal top painted sides

  • Hive Bodies


    Dove-tailed pine, painted (Langstroth)

  • Nuc (Starter Nucleus Colony)


    4 frames of bees with New Queen and some honey (preorder for mid-June to early July pick-up. Unless you have cardboard shipping boxes, we use CAN Post)

  • Starter Equipment for Nuc


    Includes (Pre-assembled, pick up recommended):

    1 Bottom Board

    1 Hive Body

    5 PIne Frames

    1 Inner Cover and lid

  • Pollen Traps


    "Sundance Pollen Traps"

    (Contact for quotes)

    We are now a proud dealer of this

    superior trap invented by Lloyd Spears in New York.


    Front entrance style for Langstroth, Solid pine 3/4-1 inch, painted

Hive Equipment

Here at Herb Guy's Honey House, we are dedicated to the longevity of the bees and understand how important they are to the ecological environment on a global scale. We can provide you with the tools and parts you need to start your own colonies and harvest your own honey.