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  • Gluco-Aid

    Helps to Lower blood sugar and tones digestive organs. (Liver, pancreas)

  • Immuno-Adapt

    Adaptogenic tonic and immune support. Positively affects most systems in the body. (A TCM longevity tonic)

  • Liv-Skin

    Support/tonic for liver, blood and lymph. Also excellent for skin conditions from acne to dermatitis.

  • Mushroom Mix

    An equal blend of Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms.

  • Nervo-Calm

    A traditional nervine tonic indicated for insomnia, anxiety, nervous agitation, restlessness and more.

  • Triple Ginseng

    Energy, immune support and vitality tonic.

  • Honey-Propolis Spray

    Soothing/antiseptic mouth and throat spray.

  • Herb Guy's Healing Salve

    A traditional ointment made up of all natural ingredients from the beehive and Mother Earth. Clendula flowers, chickweed herb, plantain leaf, olive or coconut oil and beeswax. ($10.00)

Each of these special compound tinctures are made with pure organic herbs, and researched for the most effective use. All compound tinctures are $25 for 100 mL bottles.